The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House, Redondo Beach I'm saying it now - for all to read - The Original Pancake House is my favorite
place for  pancakes! Bar none! When they first appeared in Redondo Beach, I thought: “The food is great, but too expensive
for this place to stay in business!” Boy was I wrong! The Original Pancake House has firmly established a reputation for first
class meals and top-notch service. Their menu states:
“There is NO substitute for QUALITY. We are PROUD of our product
and we appreciate our customers.”
I wholeheartedly agree.

Started in 1953 in Portland Oregon, they have consistently met and exceeded my expectations. Many locations in Oregon,
but just 2 in So. Calif. The other one is in Laguna Hills. Let's start with the buttermilk pancakes. Unlike most restaurants
which use a pre-packaged pancake mix, they use only fresh ingredients prepared and blended by hand. Where they really
shine is in their “starter”, where they grow their own yeast to be used in the pancakes. This “starter” gives the pancakes an
unmistakable yeasty flavor which I find irresistible. The buttermilk cakes are light, fluffy and don't get soggy, but hold just
enough syrup. My favorites (it's a tie) are the sourdough cakes and the 49'er Flap Jacks. The sourdough cakes are a little
lighter in color than the buttermilk and have more of that yeasty flavor, along with that sourdough twang. The 49'er Flap
Jacks are thin like a crepe (yes, they do have crepes) and are a little chewy and utterly delicious. Want big food? The Apple
pancake is enough for 2 (reminds me of Ayers Rock in Australia), the omelets are big and very fluffy, and the Dutch Baby
(looks like a crater on the moon) is very unlike anything I've seen before. You could put syrup on it, but try it the way they
suggest: with lemon juice and powered sugar. Crispy on the edges and soft and bread like on the inside. Out of this world!
Besides what I've already mentioned they have wheat germ cakes, Swedish cakes, buckwheat cakes (#2 on my hit list)
and about ten more.I could go on and on, but you gotta go and try for yourself. Highly recommended!
The Original Pancake House is located at 1756 S. Pacific Coast Hwy. (310) 543-9875

Accessibility: B+  /  Service: A  /  Food Quality: A  /  Ambiance & Cleanliness: B+  /  Price & Value: B
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Polly's on the Pier

I love the smell of the sea air in the morning..... It smells like..... Breakfast! Polly's on the Pier has been heapin' up extra big
breakfasts and lunches for as long as I can remember. Located on the sportfishing pier, it's the perfect place for
an ol' salty dog, arrrghh!
**Update** Just had another wonderful breakfast here this morning. Renee (my waitress) was
wonderful. The Machaca Omelet was as good as it ever was (though just a bit smaller).
Real plain food here - no disrespect intended. Just generous-sized portions of great "home cooked" food. I have tried many
of their omelets but I keep going back to their Machaca omelet. Filled with tender shredded beef, mild peppers, cheese and
covered with more cheese and a Spanish sauce. (Never finished it - really! It must weight like.... 3 pounds!) Nine bucks and
good for at least one more meal. It is one of my all-time favorite omelets anywhere! The Chili Cheese omelet is also big, huge,
large, (need more adjectives) and will certainly please. For lunch (after a day on the water fishing) the crab melt is tops! Other
comfort foods include meatloaf sandwich, turkey sandwich, and the chili size. The seafood (not a big variety) is just OK. But
the omelets, pancakes and sandwiches are solid, good eats. Service is quite good, the view and the air: fantastic!
Free parking with validation. 233 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach (310) 318-3736
I'll see ya' there ya' lily livered landlubber! Arrrrgh. Eye patch is optional.
Accessibility: B+ / Service: B+ / Food Quality: B+ / Ambiance & Cleanliness: A- / Price & Value: B+
Riviera Mexican Grill


Visiting the Riviera for lunch or dinner is like going to your Grandmother's house. The kind of place that helps sellers of
"bric-a-brac" put their kids through college. I lost count of the many little statues, dolls, carvings, photos, shadow-boxes,
paintings, mobiles, and stuff I don't even know what it is at over 1,000 items. Besides that stuff, there are at least 4 mounted
fish and other curios. Mom (the movie star) is pictured in the photo.

OK, that out of the way - the Riviera in Redondo Beach is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Carnitas to die for (very
authentic), Carne Asada burrito (never ate it all), and fish tacos like down in Mexico. Besides some very authentic and tasty
standard-fare Mexican food, they kick it up a notch with items like the Garlic-Mashed Potato Tacos and the Southwest Club
wrap, sort of like a BLT on steroids in a flour tortilla. The Crab Enchiladas with a tomatillo salsa are grand, the lobster
taquitos are splendid, and I'm getting hungry just writing this!

A good friend of mine: "JH" mentioned, well... no, he corrected me about the "Corona Beach Fish Tacos", here at Riviera.
He said: "You didn't even mention them!" Well, now I have tried them, and I think they are one of the best fish tacos
I have ever had. Double wrapped in thin flour tortillas, lightly coated fish, perfect balance of sauce & cabbage. Yum!

There is parking in the front & the back, with the back lot being bigger. Service is not the fastest in the world, but hey - this
is Mexican food! Don't "cop" an attitude - just chill. You'll live longer. Oh yeah, they have a great bar too. The place gets a
bit noisy on busy nights and weekends, but is worth it. Located at 1615 Pacific Coast Highway. Near Riviera Village.
(310)540-2501 Most all of their food is available for take out.

Go, on - I dare you - count all of the bric-a-brac (or whatever it's called) all over the place. Lemme know how many you counted.

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Accessibility: B+ / Service: C+ / Food Quality: A / Ambiance & Cleanliness: B+ / Price & Value: C+
Good Stuff

Surf's up at the Good Stuff! So are all kinds of interesting foods that hail from different parts of the world.
Southwestern, Chinese, Mexican, Cajun, Hawaiian, Japanese, Greek, and good ol' American fair are all on the menu.
The Carne Asada & eggs has long been a favorite of mine at this beach eatery. Chris' breakfast salad (yep, salad) is made
with eggs, ground turkey, romaine, black beans, Pico de gallo, brown rice, tortilla chips, Parmesan cheese, with Caesar
dressing - yum! No ordinary breakfast food. Mom usually gets the Good Stuff breakfast: Eggs, bacon or sausage, and toast
or pancakes. Good stuff restaurants (there are four of them) are famous for their whole wheat pancakes. None better.
Lunch and dinner are replete with the same diversity. Try the blackened Ono salad, or Cameron's Carne Asada
sandwich. The Seafood pasta or the Dijon Turkey meatloaf are good dinner choices.

The atmosphere is "beachy" - relaxed, casual and upbeat. They have a lot of servers, and the service is prompt. Alice is
one of our favorite waitresses, but anyone there will take good care of you.I like Good Stuff! The menu is exciting and varied
enough so I can come back again and again and try new meals, and not get bored. So far, I have not been disappointed.

Started in 1979 in West LA, they have proven and repeated their "beachy" style. The Good Stuff in Redondo has been
around since 1999 at 1617 S. PCH. (310) 316-0262 I hope they will be around for a long time. Their other locations
are in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo & West LA. Check out their site:
So never mind the sand on the floor - just relax and enjoy the experience that is the Good Stuff restaurants.

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Accessibility: C+ / Service: B+ / Food Quality: B / Ambiance & Cleanliness: B / Price & Value: B
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