Long Beach North - These restaurants are all
North of Pacific Coast Highway.
Well, Long Beach has a lot of restaurants. I decided to cut it in half - North and South. Just not exactly
where to draw the line.......?

Here are the restaurants featured on the page:        Johnny Rebs'
                         Johnny Rebs’ Yee-haw!!!

If I had only one place to go to eat, I reckon it would be Johnny Rebs' in Long Beach. Back quite a spell they'uns had
themselves quite a fire. Darn! They were closed for around a year. However, now the only signs of the fire is on the Elvis
tapestry and the salvaged license plates.

Johnny Rebs' is not just a place to consume food, but a place that reminds you of a time where things were
uncomplicated and you... I mean... y'all could slow down. Johnny Rebs is country. Breakfast at Johnny Rebs is like you
went home to your Grand Mother's place - maybe in North Carolina. Fluffy biscuits, creamy gravy, omelets, BBQ, flapjacks
(pancakes for you up north) and one of the best country fried steaks this side of Dixie. Lunch & dinner.... (Oh, baby!) BBQ
baby back ribs, Beef, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Hot links, Catfish and more. Amber, Noelle, and all the others will make ya feel
right at home.

Johnny Rebs'. Located at: 4663 Long Beach Blvd. Phone (562) 423-7327

Y'all jus' gotta come on in and sit a spell. Wongo? (Do you want to go?)

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Accessibility: B+ / Service: A / Food Quality: A / Ambiance & cleanliness: A / Price & Value: B+