Tacomiendo Mexican Restaurant:
West Los Angeles neighborhood.

I've been an ardent fan of a particular type of music. It all came about when I had a job working in a stereo store in
the 80's. (Yes, I know this is an unusual way to begin a review of a restaurant - stick with me). Many times
throughout the day at work I would experience blaring music, rap "music", and enough racket to set one's nerves on
edge. I looked for something I could listen to that would sooth and calm my nerves, but would also be a joy to listen to.
I came upon a record label called "Windham Hill Records." I believe the first LP I purchased was "Passage" by the
founder of the company: William Ackerman. Soon I was picking up almost any title I could get from their company.
OK, long story shortened: I've had an e-mail correspondence with William Ackerman for a few years now. I keep an
eye out on his website:
www.williamackerman.com for any new music. Recently Will told me about one of his favorite
Mexican Food Restaurants around LA. This is Tacomiendo.
Located at 11462 Gateway Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 Just off of Pico blvd.,
West of the 405. It took me a few minutes to find. (Will! This is a hole-in-the-wall!)
I went in, was greeted promptly, informed to place my order at the counter.
Here's the view from my table:

I had the "Superplato"; Taco, Enchilada, Relleno, rice and beans and homemade tortillas. All for $8.95 There were a couple
of families also enjoying the comidas. (Food, meal) I must say the Relleno was the star. I kept thinking "Whoever made
this really knew what they were doing!" The taco (carnitas) was good, as was the enchilada (chicken). The tortillas were
definitely a step up from the plain Jane ones you most often encounter. Here's a photo:

There are enough things on the menu to keep me busy trying new items each time I go.
Left here feeling very satisfied and pleasantly surprised. Thanks Will.
Don't you love the tablecloth? If you go -Tell 'em you saw it on "Jerry's Good Eats"

Accessibility: B+ / Service: A / Food Quality: B+ / Ambiance & Cleanliness: B / Price & Value: A
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