I went to what used to be Shayan Market in Torrance; which is now
Seaside Market. The owners agreed to re-stock Jerry's Famous
Hummus!!! Store #7...yes! (See address below)

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Here is a PDF of my Menu

Here is where you can obtain what I think is the best hummus anywhere.

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  • Seaside Market 3801 Pacific Coast Highway. Torrance 310-375-8555
(I'll take a picture of Seaside Market in a few days.)

I first tasted hummus in the late 80's; I really liked it! As I was purchasing hummus from a store one day I thought
to myself: "I could do this." I came home and used a little food processor and made my first batch of hummus - Artichoke
hummus. It wasn't as smooth as I would have liked it, so I bought a larger (Cuisinart) food processor. Even if I let it
run a long time the hummus never really got smooth. I asked a Lebanese restaurant how they
made their hummus. They used a blender. I now am on my third blender; a
Blentec 15 amp model.

I started experimenting with different spices and flavors - at this point (mid 90's) I was doing everything by taste - nothing
was written down. Friends would remark that my hummus was the best hummus they had ever tried. Many told me: "Jerry,
you've gotta do something with this!"  So bit by bit I looked into what it would take to start a business. The rest is history.

I take real thought into each recipe. I do ask some friends to give me their opinion, but I am the sole
decision maker if a flavor is acceptable. If it doesn't meet my standards - its in the bin.

I hope you try my hummus and enjoy it. Thanks.


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I manufacture Jerry's "Famous" Hummus.
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