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Here is the rating system for the restaurants I have reviewed:
The below qualities are given letter grades, just like in school.

Really this has to do with ease and availability of parking*, how long the wait
usually is, and how comfortable one is while waiting.

Service: Not merely the speed at which your order is taken and delivered; but this is
also about communication. If your food is slow to arrive because the kitchen is
"in the weeds", your waiter or waitress can make all the difference.

Food Quality: Yes, we all want great food, but quality should also go up concurrent with
the price one pays. Sometimes it does not.

Ambiance & cleanliness: A restaurant can look run-down, but make you feel like you're the
king of a palace. (The Mayor's Place, Nipomo, CA)
I've also been to places that are top $$$, but are dirty. nuff said.

Price & Value: As I mentioned above, the quality of the food should be commensurate with
the price. If I am paying bottom dollar and the food is OK, I'm happy. If I'm paying top
dollar, and the food is just OK, I'm not happy.

*Yes, Los Angeles is a car culture.